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Tradition meets Transformation

A Legacy of Precision

Since its inception, Steenbeck has become synonymous with precision in film technology. The early days were marked by analog devices that soon became foundational tools for filmmakers around the globe. Despite the digital revolution, Steenbeck's robust analog machines, such as the legendary Steenbeck R and the manual film rewinder M, remain indispensable for the meticulous handling of film material. They reflect the legacy of the ST2515 and represent an era where craftsmanship and careful film management were paramount.

Yet, Steenbeck is not anchored in the past. The company has recognized the need to adapt and has carried its innovative spirit into the digital world.

Steenbeck's digital solutions, like the Transcoder STD-TC, offer cross-format flexibility and ensure seamless integration into today's technology-driven film world.

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STEENBECK ST-R/ST-M Analog Masterpieces

The STEENBECK ST-R series stands as a paragon in analog film projection, designed for both 16mm and 35mm films. These projectors cater to film purists, offering durability and flawless image quality. The R series is more than just machinery; it’s a nostalgic portal to the golden age of cinema.

In contrast, the STEENBECK ST-M series represents the pinnacle of editing suites. Each flatbed editor is a product of exquisite craftsmanship known for its user-friendliness and precise editing capabilities. Editors cherish the M series for the tangible, hands-on film experience and the level of cutting precision that has become rare in the digital era.

The STEENBECK ST-R and ST-M series are not merely nostalgic pieces; they are timeless tools for filmmakers who value and continue the art of analog film. They embody the synergy of traditional filmmaking and contemporary engineering.


Steenbeck Digital:
The Next Chapter

Embracing Digital Innovation: Steenbeck, renowned for its premium analog film editing tables, is broadening its horizon with Steenbeck Digital – a groundbreaking product line that brings digital technologies to the forefront. This new series from Steenbeck includes advanced digitalization devices, specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern archiving. These tools seamlessly integrate with Steenbeck's traditional equipment, offering a harmonious blend of the past and future.

Revolutionizing Film Archiving: Steenbeck Digital introduces software-supported digitalization devices that transform how archives maintain and assess their collections. These innovative tools enable precise and efficient digitization of film materials, ensuring that archives can preserve their valuable content in high-quality digital formats. With these devices, archivists can conduct detailed inspections and assessments, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of their collections.

A New Era for Film Preservation: The introduction of Steenbeck Digital marks a significant step in film preservation and archiving. It represents a perfect synergy between Steenbeck's longstanding commitment to quality and the latest digital advancements. This new line not only enhances the capabilities of traditional archiving methods but also opens up new possibilities for film restoration, analysis, and accessibility, ensuring that the legacy of film endures in the digital age.

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Steenbeck Digital - The new line

Archive Master

The STEENBECK STD-AM Archive Master represents the cutting-edge in non-linear editing, combining advanced cloud technology with AI support to enhance editing workflows with real-time, collaborative features across geographical boundaries and intelligent automation for unparalleled post- production efficiency.

Key Highlights:

Global Cloud Connectivity:
Access projects from anywhere, enabling location-independent collaboration.

Real-Time Collaboration:
Edit, comment, and review in real-time for dynamic teamwork.

AI-Powered Editing:
Automate color correction, editing decisions, and other creative processes.

Creative Innovation:
Push creative boundaries using AI-driven tools for unique visual outcomes.

Workflow Automation:
Eliminate tedious tasks, focusing on creative aspects of your work.

Customizable Interface:
Enjoy a user interface that adapts to your needs for seamless workflows.

Secure Cloud Storage:
Rely on protected cloud storage for accessible and safe project files.

Streamlining Film Archives: A Step-by-Step Workflow for MAM Integration

In the realm of film preservation and accessibility, the evolution of Media Asset Management (MAM) systems represents a pivotal shift towards safeguarding cinematic history. By integrating traditional Steenbeck editing tables with contemporary digital workflows, film archives can harness the full potential of their collections. This transformation not only ensures the longevity of invaluable film materials but also enhances their availability for education, research, and entertainment purposes. The following step-by-step workflow illustrates how film archives can transition from analog to digital, leveraging modern technology to breathe new life into historical content.

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Analog Quality Control

An initial inspection of the physical film reels to assess their condition and identify any damage such as tears, mold, or fading.


Analog Restoration

Necessary manual restoration work on the film reels, including repairing perforations and correcting splice points, to prepare the films for initial digitization.


Preliminary Digitization in Low-Res

Digitization of the prepared film reels at a low resolution. This step is designed to quickly and efficiently make the material available for analysis.


AI-Powered Analysis

Use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze the material digitized in Low-Res. The AI evaluates the quality, identifies particularly valuable or historically significant content, and aids in deciding which film reels should be selected for high-resolution digitization.


Selection for High-Res Digitization

Based on the results of the AI analysis, certain film reels are selected for detailed and high-resolution digitization. This selection aims to prioritize the most important and highest quality content.


Digitization in High-Res

The selected film reels are digitized at high resolution to ensure the best possible quality for archiving, research, and use.


Digital Quality Control and Restoration

After high-resolution digitization, a digital quality check is performed. Damaged or low-quality sections are identified and digitally restored.


Metadata Capture and Enrichment

Capturing and systematically enriching metadata for the digitized content, including information such as title, production year, director, and genre.


Indexing and Cataloging

Indexing and cataloging the high-resolution digitized content in the MAM system for easy search and organization


Archiving and Storage

Secure storage of the digitized films and associated metadata in a digital archive system, applying long-term preservation strategies.


Access Management and Distribution

Defining access rights and making the digital content available for educational, research, or commercial use.


Integration into Production Workflows

Integrating the digitized content into current production workflows for use in new productions or retrospective works.


Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring system performance and archive usage with reporting tools to gain insights into access statistics and usage patterns.


System Maintenance and Update

Regular maintenance and updates of the MAM system to keep the technology up to date and ensure perpetual access to the archive contents.

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The STEENBECK STD-TC Transcoder is a powerhouse in the film industry's digital era, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. Designed as a crucial add-on for film scanners, it streamlines the digitization process by seamlessly and automatically converting formats, expanding creative possibilities, and demonstrating a commitment to quality.

Key Features:

Workflow Automation:

Automatically converts formats, reducing the need for manual intervention.

User-Friendly Interface:

Its intuitive design allows for quick learning and integration into existing workflows.


Speeds up the process from scanning to final file output without sacrificing quality.

Versatility in Application:

Supports a wide range of formats from SD to 4K, including ProRes and uncompressed sequences.

Scanner Compatibility:

Adapts to various film scanner models with excellent versatility.


Regular updates and support ensure readiness for future standards and formats.


The STEENBECK STD-IG Ingester revolutionizes media ingestion for production environments, providing a seamless bridge to the STEENBECK STD-AM Archive Master. With its automated workflows, this tool facilitates an efficient and precise transfer of media and metadata into your database, ensuring your Archive Master is continuously supplied with up-to-date data for your post- production needs.

Key Functions and Advantages:

Hotfolder Integration:
Configurable hotfolders automatically ingest new media into the system without manual input.

Automatic Data Integration:
New files are rapidly and seamlessly integrated into your database as soon as they hit the hotfolder.

Smart Automation:
The STD-IG automates transcoding processes, converting media into the required formats effortlessly.

Advanced Metadata Capture:
Utilizes powerful software to extract and catalog metadata, enriching the Archive Master's data pool.

Speed and Accuracy:
Accelerates the ingestion process, making media quickly available in your production chain and ensuring data reliability with precise metadata capture.

Scalable Solutions:
Adapts to growing media inventories, scaling according to your business needs.

Customizable Workflows:
Allows configuration of the ingestion process to meet specific format requirements and metadata management needs, optimizing data provision for the Archive Master.


The STEENBECK STD-LG Logger epitomizes precision and efficiency in digital film processing, providing a state-of-the-art platform for frame-accurate information input. Enhanced with advanced logging tags and AI- powered automation, the STD-LG ensures meticulous tracking of your valuable assets, whether through automated analysis during digitization or precise manual entries, keeping you at the forefront of the industry.

Key Features and Benefits:

Detailed Tagging Options:
Frame-accurate tagging capabilities for a precise overview and easy access to specific scenes, takes, and key moments.

AI Integration:
Advanced AI technologies for automatic content recognition and tagging, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Manual Input Flexibility:
Manual entry options allow for personal touches and utmost detail accuracy in data perfection.

Automated Analysis:
Automatic content analysis during digitization, adding relevant information to save time and ensure consistency.

Versatility for Modern Needs:
Suitable for archiving, post-production, or as part of the creative process, the STD- LG adapts to your requirements.

Quality and Reliability by STEENBECK:
Crafted for durability and consistent performance in professional post- production environments.

Valuable Support:
Access to experienced customer support, providing assistance and maximizing the potential of your Logger.


The STEENBECK STD-VC Virtual Cinema offers a groundbreaking platform that transports film history into the digital domain, providing an immersive metaverse-ready environment for viewing, annotating, and preparing archival footage for release within a completely virtual world.

Key Features:

Virtual Cinema Experience:
Create a unique viewing experience in a virtual environment for both historical and contemporary films.

Interactive Annotations:
Make notes and comments directly within the virtual reality for collaborative editing.

Streamlined Release Processes:
Speed up the release process with interactive, collaborative sessions in Virtual Cinema.

Global Collaboration Platform:
Work with colleagues or clients worldwide as if in the same room, regardless of physical distances.

Designed to be at the forefront of technology, adapting seamlessly to the evolving metaverse.

Innovative Archiving:
Utilize the latest technical advances to present and edit archival material in previously impossible ways.

User-Friendly Accessibility:
Customizable virtual spaces and an easy- to-use interface allow all users to engage with Virtual Cinema, no matter their technical background.

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