STEENBECK has manufactured over 27.000 pieces of flatbed film editing, viewing and controlling tables.
Around 4.000 pieces are still in use almost every day.
Most of these film tables are maintained by our dealers or company engineers world wide.
Our engineers can also maintain Steenbecks on the spot however the age of these Steenbeck should
not be older than 30 years on the day. 

Spare parts 01-Series:

Do you need any parts, please contact us or our dealer.
From 1985 models most parts are available

Please reconsider that we hold stock of spare parts for 10 years after the Steenbeck has been delivered.
Out of courtesy but without any obligation we hold an additional (approx.) 15 years spare part stock and this is unic in these days. In case you contact us please specify the stock number or at least a photo.

Spare Parts 00-Series:

The 00-Series Steenbeck editors are more than 40 years old.
These Series consists of: ST400-ST600-ST700-ST900-ST1200-ST1400-ST1600-ST1900-ST3510-ST6040-ST4000-ST6000.
For these machines are NO mechanical parts available anymore. Electronical parts like replacement boards (PCB’s) and components are also NOT available. We do not recommend to use de 00-Series anymore, special the very old ones
( before the end of the seventies).
Because of the dust on the very old electronic components there is a high risk of fire ( click here to see what can happen)
When there is a burning smell when using the 00-series table, SWITCH-OFF the editor, pull the plug and don’t use the table anymore.

Technical / workshop manuals:

A free of charge download of the users manual is available from our website however this is not possible for workshop
(electronically / mechanically) manuals. These workshop manuals are only available for the 01-Series from 1985.

Within the type, a lot of changes and improvements have been made.
To order a manual we do need the exact type and serial number. You find both on the back of the right hand leg. Because of change of printed circuit boards we also do need the numbers of the boards in the right hand leg boards cassette.
Compiling the manual takes a significant amount of time so we will have to charge for that.
If you need a manual send us the wanted information so we can make you an offer including packingand postage.

You need  spare parts for your CIR splicer and other Film Supplies, please click here.


More information?

STEENBECK offers a wide range of film viewing and controlling tables for almost any demand in film archives or film restoration facility. If you are planning any new developments in your facility please feel free to contact us.
You will notice that any of your request will benefit significantly from our many decades of experience and we can work out any project to fit your requirements.
Also for a limited budget we are able to find solutions with good used or reconditioned units.
We carry out maintenance world wide by ourselves or through dealers.



Contact information:


Keizersveld 31,
The Netherlands

tel. + 31 478 63 03 00