The 01-Series ST2520 is the successor of the ST2501 and ST2511  film rewinder.
The ST2520 is a one motor driven rewinder and a perfect tool for film inspection
and repairing.
Years ago the main goal was the possibility of a very slow speed and the possibility
to touch, work at the film and even clean the film during this low speed.
The ST2520 will be still available within the 01-Series for the next years.
Fast wind (A-wind in both directions) is done with 4 meters / 12 feet per second.
The speed control can be done by hand or by the optional foot control.
Automatic stop when the film brakes or at film end with warning buzzer.

-foot control.
-multi purpose processor counter for 16mm, 17,5mm and 35mm.


The flatbed 2 plate ST2515 is a MANUAL film rewinder / inspection table.
The ST2515 is a fine piece of film equipment and the ideal partner for film archives or film restoration companies.

The ST2515 offers:
- easy and safe manual film handling.
- 2 film plates for approx.. 900 mtr.
- Large ground glass / light box, back illuminated
- very slow speed ideal for inspection film perforation, damages, cutting/ editing and cleaning film purposes.
- fast manual winding of 16 and 35mm picture / sound film and 17,5mm sound film in A and B wind .
- for 16mm film reels and bobbins in accordance with DIN 15531
- ruler for 35mm and 16mm film
- checking measurements of film by optional electronic universal counter.
(option ST2258)

- universal counter system 16/35mm ( ST 2258 )

More information?

STEENBECK offers a wide range of film viewing and controlling tables for almost any demand in film archives or film restoration facility. If you are planning any new developments in your facility please feel free to contact us.
You will notice that any of your request will benefit significantly from our many decades of experience and we can work out any project to fit your requirements.
Also for a limited budget we are able to find solutions with good used or reconditioned units.
We carry out maintenance world wide by ourselves or through dealers.



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