Used / Reconditioned

We are able to deliver good used and fully reconditioned Steenbeck editors of the 01-Series.

for sell or RENT, Fully reconditioned means:
Completely dismantled, cleaned and repainted. New top plate, new drive and timing belts new bearings and eventually recent electronic boards. In fact you receive an almost new Steenbeck for less money.

Currently on stock:

ST1201   ST1901   ST2520 ST4001 ST6001 ST701 ST721 ST7901 ST822 ST901

Rental Service

Do you have a project with a clear start & end date and you don’t want to buy a new machine?

Steenbeck offers refurbished machines and recently Steenbeck expanded its services with the rental of film editing-viewing tables.

All rental periods are offered from 1 day to several years.

We have a large pool of machines for rent. For further information please call or email us.

Tel: +31 (0) 478 63 03 00 or

ST 4001

We have for a sale a very interesting Steenbeck ST4001 for film archives,
a used / reconditioned combination film controlling table/editor for 16mm and 35mm.

Track 1 film:
-16mm standard image (4:3) with COMOPT/COMMAG sound.
-Electronically switchable to:
-35mm standard image (4:3) with COMOPt (mono)

Track 2 sound SEPMAG:
-16mm centre track (mono)
-17,5mm centre track (mono)
-35mm 1 track (mono)
Including picture / sound shift system and universal counter.
Film controlling table/editor is in a very good condition.

Options available:
- Stereo / 2 track sound SEPMAG
- SEPOPT sound for 16 and/ or 35mm (mono only)
- Working lamp with dimmer.                                 P.O.A.

ST 1201

We have for sale a used / factory reconditioned Steenbeck ST1201 for film archieves

- 16mm - 2 plate
- 16mm standard image ( 4:3 ratio)
- flm plates for 600 mteter / 2000 feet film
- back illuminated ground glass
- universal processor counter

This ST 1201 is in a very good condition; new bearings, belts, top plate, film plates and motor regulator board    P.O.A.

More information?

STEENBECK offers a wide range of film viewing and controlling tables for almost any demand in film archives or film restoration facility. If you are planning any new developments in your facility please feel free to contact us.
You will notice that any of your request will benefit significantly from our many decades of experience and we can work out any project to fit your requirements.
Also for a limited budget we are able to find solutions with good used or reconditioned units.
We carry out maintenance world wide by ourselves or through dealers.



Contact information:


Keizersveld 31,
The Netherlands

tel. + 31 478 63 03 00