New line

The ST822 NEW LINE Series is a two plate, 8mm film format full frame viewing, controlling and editing film table.
The Super 8 and Normal 8mm film formats do have their own track with viewing monitor.
Unique is the sound replay of the COMMAG (stripe) track.
S8 has two audio tracks (main and balance track) and can be mixed to mono.
Normal 8mm  has one audio track. 
Interesting is the XLR audio output for external recording. 
Monitoring the sound can be done by the high quality loudspeakers which will be switched off when using a headphone.

Included is the well known Steenbeck multipurpose processor counter, counting time and length
at the same time is possible for each film format.
There is a extra display showing the exact running speed (fps) of the film table.
Small and large 8mm spools can be used, for S8 there are adaptors.
Sync speeds are 18 and 24 fps (switchable).
The varia speed can be used to select 16 f.p.s. for 8mm or any other speed.
The maximum wind speed is approx 100 fps.
It has a film rewinder with variable speed for comfort and save rewinding back the film on the spool.
This ST822 is an ideal partner for film archives where comfortably and save 8mm handling is very important. 


More information?

STEENBECK offers a wide range of film viewing and controlling tables for almost any demand in film archives or film restoration facility. If you are planning any new developments in your facility please feel free to contact us.
You will notice that any of your request will benefit significantly from our many decades of experience and we can work out any project to fit your requirements.
Also for a limited budget we are able to find solutions with good used or reconditioned units.
We carry out maintenance world wide by ourselves or through dealers.



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