16 / 35 mm Combi


Since 1953 Steenbeck is manufacturing flatbed film editing, viewing and controlling tables.
Over 60 years Steenbeck set a mark and is a trendsetter for quality and precission.
Many developments were made for al kinds of special applications, film editing, telecine, viewing and
checking motion picture film and even X-ray films in hospitals.

For this reason the 16/35mm combination JUBILEE Series is developed on bases of the well proven
concept of the 01-Series.
Very interesting updates:
-digital sound reproduction operated by a touch screen.
-standard SEPMAG centre track / edge track mono and stereo replay (STC4 only).
-standard balanced XLR audio outputs 2 channel / stereo.
-standard XLR audio inputs 2 channel / stereo for mixing an external analog audio source.
-standard Bi-phase (master) output to synchronize external equipment like a sound follower.
-standard picture-sound shift system  (STC4 only)
-modern desgin topplate and colors.

The 16/35mm combination JUBILEE Series is available in two types:

-STC2     16/35mm - 2 plate with COMOPT sound: 16mm mono / 35mm stereo, mono selectable.
                                                   (COMMAG 16mm optional)

-STC4     16/35mm - 4 plate with COMOPT sound: 16mm mono / 35mm stereo, mono selectable.
                                                   (COMMAG 16mm optional)
                                1 track SEPMAG edge/centre track/stereo selectable. (16 - 17,5 - 35mm)
                                 picture - sound shift system

Most common options:
-Cinemascope for 35mm and/or other widescreen formats
-Super 16.
-Seperate optical sound reader SEPOPT 16mm and 35mm (mono) for film negatives (for STC4 only)
-COMMAG sound 16mm.
-Video adaptor system for digitilizing films.


The Steenbeck 16/35mm 01-series combination film table is the successor of the 00-series.
This combination film table is an ideal partner where space is a problem.
In basic in fact ideal for a (smaller) archive where the two film formats are in the collection.
With the correct options this is an perfect machine for:
-viewing 16mm, Super 16, with or without optical sound (COMOPT,
-viewing 35mm (Academy) several widscreen formats and cinemascope, with or without optical sound.
-playback 16mm, 17,5mm and 35mm perforated magnetic film, edge, centre track, stereo or
  multichannel 35mm reproduction.
-playback 16mm and 35mm optical sound negatives.
-viewing film and playback the other sound format.

Types available:
Compact sized film table up to 600 meter / 2000 feet film material:
ST6041      2 plate with COMOPT sound 16mm / 35mm.  (COMMAG sound 16mm optional)

Large sized film tables up to 600 meter / 2000 feet film material:
ST4001      4 plate with COMOPT sound 16mm / 35mm.  (COMMAG sound 16mm optional)
                                     1 track SEPMAG sound (16-17,5-35mm) mono   (2 track - stereo - multichannel: optional)
                                      picture- sound shift system
ST6001      6 plate with COMOPT sound (16mm / 35mm. (COMMAG sound 16mm optional)
                                      2 track SEPMAG sound (16-17,5-35mm) mono  (2 track - stereo - multichannnel: optional)
                                      picture - sound shift system for two SEPMAG tracks.

Most common options:
-Super 16.
-Balanced audio outputs.
-Seperate optcial sound reader 16mm and 35mm (mono) for sound negatives.
-Video adaptor system for digitalizing films.

More information?

STEENBECK offers a wide range of film viewing and controlling tables for almost any demand in film archives or film restoration facility. If you are planning any new developments in your facility please feel free to contact us.
You will notice that any of your request will benefit significantly from our many decades of experience and we can work out any project to fit your requirements.
Also for a limited budget we are able to find solutions with good used or reconditioned units.
We carry out maintenance world wide by ourselves or through dealers.



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